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Support for US

The growth of the Rescue and who it can support is determined by the community, funds and reach behind it.


Thanks to the generousity of our vets, donators and fundraising, we’re able to keep the adoption fee low, assist in community desexing programmes and share resources.

If you'd like to contribute to that support network, get in touch.

How can I help?

Volunteer for Cat Rescue


We all have skills to contribute towards a brighter future for our animals. Volunteering in the areas of fostering, transport, social media, sponsorship, all make a big impact.

Donate Supplies for Cat Rescue


We’re always on the hunt for materials for our fosters and community packs. High demand items are food, bedding and flea/worm treatments.

Share content for Cat Rescue


Never under estimate the power of sharing. Get family, friends, neighbours and colleagues involved - spread the word to share the love.

Fundraise for Cat Rescue


Bake & garage sales, mufti-days, hosting events or promotions, a communal loose change jar - fundraise in your element for a great cause. 


A monetary donation gives us the most scope for where we can make a difference. No staff are given a wage or funds used to pay for equipment not used exclusively in the rescue. We give our time and personal resources willingly.
ALL donations are used for the benefit of the animals. 
01 - 0451 - 0042314 - 51

Where can my donation make a difference?


We're all in a different position to give. Whether it be $1 or $100, every dollar counts.


All donations go towards a positive outcome for the Rescue and the animals we support in the community.


Sponsor a years worth of flea treatment or a weeks worth of food. 

We buy in bulk so our resources go further. Freedom from fleas or freedom from hunger.


Win, win.


For $50 we can donate a pet pack to a family in need.


This will include a basic setup of an enclosure or carrier, bedding, toys, food bowls, litter box and flea/worm treatments. 


Cover a community desex.

A female cat reaches reproductive maturity from 4 months of age and is able to give birth twice a year. This can add up to 90-120 kittens in her lifetime. Save lives and break the cycle of unwanted litters at the source.

Use a reference to donate to which area you'd like to support.

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