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Adopt a Kitten or Cat in the Bay of Plenty

Adopt a Rescue

Our Moggies, just like us, are one of a kind. They come in all colours, sizes and ages, each with an unique personality and all with a special someone out there waiting for them.


Our operation is small so we personally get to know each of our animals and try our best to match them to homes we think they'd thrive in. Tell us a little about yourself to see who may be a good fit!

Your furry friend is only a message away.

The Adoption Process

Finding a fit

Fit is important to us so we ask for a bit of information about our potential adoptive homes to get the ball rolling - things like location, current pets, family at home, time away and renting vs home ownership are all are great points to cover. This gives us the chance to get to know you a little better and see if we have a match in the Rescue.

Meet & Greet

If we have a match in Foster care or or Rescue community, we'll arrange a time for you to meet them in person.

Most Adoptions happen from the home foster animals are most familiar with so you get the best feel of how they may fit within your family dynamic. Come with an open mind. We set up the adoption visit but ultimately we let the cats pick their people. 


All of our kittens come desexed, with their first vaccination, microchipped and up to date with their worm/flea treatments so we ask an adoption donation of $220 to go towards vet expenses.

For adoption in community cases (outside of foster care) we encourage a donation to continue the work we do in supporting those who are struggling beyond our doors.  


Adopting from a Rescue is often much cheaper than the paying costs of getting each step of the care they recieve done privately.

Health checked.

Each animal under goes at least one health check during their time in the Rescue, and if unwell, receives the care they need to thrive.


Animals are fostered in family homes so are familar with typical day to day routines, other animals and people of various ages.

Toilet trained.

Cats and kittens are adopted confidently using litter boxes or pads inside. If older, they are comfortable with toileting outside.

5 Reasons to Adopt
a Rescue

Adopt one, save another!

We can only responsibly take in so many.
Every animal you adopt makes space for another.

What age is right for you?

Age and stage are important factors to consider when adopting a cat/kitten that will fit into your family and lifestyle. 

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